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Welcome to the premier destination for racks in Gujranwala! Whether you are looking for efficient storage solutions for your home, office, or industrial needs, our extensive range of racks is designed to meet every requirement.


As an industry leader since 2006, we have been providing storage solutions tailored to your needs.

Designing & Customizing

Since 2006, we've led in customized storage solutions, offering expertise in space planning, layout design, and customization.


With the aim of providing high-quality storage solutions, we strive to meet your needs.


With a large network area and robust infrastructure, we have served over 5000 satisfied clients.

Who we are

Top-Quality Racks in Gujranwala for All Your Storage Needs

In 2006, our company emerged as a leading manufacturer of storage racks in Gujranwala and warehousing equipment in Pakistan. Initially, we had a manufacturing capacity of over 2,000 racks, which has now expanded to an impressive 50,000 units per year. As a key player in the racks industry in Gujranwala, we continue to innovate and provide high-quality storage racks that meet broad needs.

High Quality Slotted Angel Racks in Gujranwala -Al-Faisal Racks
Years of Experience

Company From All Around The World trust on Us for awesome project

Experience the trust and reliability of companies worldwide who choose Al-Faisal Racks & Shelves for their exceptional projects. Join our global community to unlock the potential for excellence and enjoy an easy-to-understand reading experience.

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High Quality pallet racks in Gujranwala at Al Faisal Racks and Shelves
Satisfied Industrial Community

Join our community of satisfied industrial customers

Join our dynamic industrial community. As a leading storage manufacturer in Gujranwala, you’ll appreciate the reliability, durability, and efficiency of our products and services. Our firm commitment to quality ensures an accessible and enjoyable reading experience.

What We Offering

When you need experience, we have it covered.

We are dedicated to simplifying storage solutions for your organization, ensuring an effortless experience with our commitment.

Cantileaver Rack
CantileaverRack - Al Faisal Engineering Works & Shelving System
Heavy Duty Rack
Heavy duty rack with multiple shelves for industrial storage solutions in Gujranwala
Pallet Rack
High Quality pallet racks in Gujranwala at Al Faisal Racks and Shelves
Mezzanine Floor
Mezzanine floor installation providing additional storage space in a warehouse in Gujranwala
Tyre Rack
Tyre rack with multiple tiers for organized tyre storage in an automotive shop in Gujranwala
Mobile Rack
Mobile rack system for efficient, space-saving storage solutions in Gujranwala
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